The Cultures of the Spiral

Yesterday, a good friend asked me if Marleybone was based on the US or the UK and then a question about the inspiration and culture of DragonSpyre. I told him my thoughts–both facts and speculation–and he commented that I knew a lot about it. The conversation continued and we talked about Polaris, Grizzleheim, Wysteria, Avalon, Celestia, and Krokotopia.

The conversation sparked a new idea for a blog series–something I hope will prove to be interesting, unique, and enjoyable–both for me and for readers. While we were talking, I realized that, both in real life and in game, I enjoy researching and learning about cultures, mythologies, lore, and histories. As I was telling Chase what I knew, I wished I knew more. I wish I understood the culture of each and every world. I wished I knew the inspiration behind each world’s culture, myths, and lore.

As a result, I have decided to start “Cultures of the Spiral”. I’ll be spending the next several months playing a new character from level 1 to 110, exploring the cultures, “Easter Eggs”, mythologies, and stories. Progress through the game will not be rapid since I plan on thoroughly learning about each culture by researching the inspirations, posing questions to the Community Managers and the community as a whole, and paying attention to even the smallest details. Although I’m planning on moving slowly through the game, I will try to do the research and write my findings as quickly as possible.

Since I will be seeking help from the community as a whole, I likely will be hosting small contests throughout this project to try to generate participation, helpful answers, and hopefully more readers.

I’m excited to begin this new project! I hope it remains as interesting to me as it is right now. 😉

See you in the Spiral!



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  1. Joseph Firesword

    pretty sure theres already someone that does this. I like ur reagent maps better, keep working on those instead. Other than that keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It’s nice to know my reagent maps are helpful! I have several I’m in the process of finishing. They should hopefully be posted in the next few days.

      As for your comment about Cultures of the Spiral, do you know who does it? Since a lot of it will be theory crafting, chances are it’ll be very different from what they’re doing, but if you remember who, I’ll take a look and make sure I don’t copy. 😉


  2. Joseph Firesword

    Nordic Champion

    Liked by 1 person

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