About: Who Drops It?

It had been about six months since its release when I finally reached level 100 and unlocked Castle Darkmoor. I remember excitedly claiming the quest and entering the common area of the series of dungeons. We had finally made it! Cameron and I proceeded to find a team to do the first dungeon with. I quickly found myself on Wizard101 Central looking up cheats and drops. It was then that I realized that, unless you know for certain what the name of a piece of gear is, it’s takes several clicks before you find what you’re looking for on a drop list.

This was reiterated to me a few months later when Suri and Jenna reached level 60 and I began researching the House of Scales gear drops. I again discovered that it’s a pain to find what you’re looking for on the Wiki unless you know the name of a piece of gear or if you know who drops it. I turned to a drop list on Duelist101 only to discover that their HoS drop list is incomplete.

Last month, I was trying to decide what gear would be best for my transcendent wizards: Waterworks, HoS, level 70 Aquilla gear, or Archmage one-shot gear. I soon discovered that I can’t find information on the Archmage one-shot gear anywhere but lots about the Exalted versions. I’m quickly bringing to see that as the trend across fansites. Lots of information about whatever was top level at its release, but little about dungeons, world’s, and one-shots designed for lower level wizards. There are other players out there who aren’t top level who would benefit by having this information available to them.

I have recently decided that the Wiki when works for the most part, but it takes forever to load a page no matter what device or connection type I use. It’s just not practical anymore to comb through hundreds of pages worth of information for the one thing I’m looking for. Especially when it takes an average of a full minute to fully load the information page.

I’m by no means trying to replace the Wiki. That’s more time than I have and more work than I want to deal with. Rather, I want to create a supplement, a place that’s easier to find what you’re looking for and basic information about the item, along with a link to the Wiki and/or other fansites for more information. I want to collect the information about the lower level dungeons and one-shots and have it accessible to players who might be searching.



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