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Reagent Maps: Stone Town

My first Reagent Map is ready to go! It is completely filled in (to the best of my knowledge). If I come across an unmarked reagent, I’ll update the map. Here it is!

Stone Town Reagent Map



Merry (Late) Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2 days late! I’ve been super busy lately with Christmas preparations and celebrations. Hopefully I’ll have more time this week to blog and play. I’ve been working on various posts, but none are done yet. I’ve been working on reagent maps, a new “series” on gardening and plants, and a new “series” on crafting. I’m also nearly ready for a belated Yuletide Dorm Rooms with Emma video.

I got a new laptop–Lenovo Yoga–yesterday. The upgrade should make my projects go smoother. I’m especially excited for the Windows 10 built in recorder, it’ll make Dorm Rooms with Emma much easier. I’m also super excited for the touch screen. The Reagent Maps should be much more manageable with it.  Hopefully I’ll be back to posting regularly within the next few weeks.


Creating the “Perfect” Pet

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the term “perfect pet” over the years. It bothers me because there isn’t a single perfect pet. THE perfect pet simply doesn’t exist. I’m tired of players judging other wizard’s pets. It’s one thing to critique a pet when someone asks if you think it’s a good pet, but it’s quite another to go up to someone and tell them that their pet “failed”.

For example, shortly after I trained Emma’s Carnation Fairy, Lily, to Mega, a friend told me it was a failed pet. When I asked why he thought that, he simply told me he personally wouldn’t want most of the traits Lily has. I understand that some of her traits aren’t ideal, and there a one or two that I’d be fine if I didn’t have, but she by no means failed, especially since I wasn’t expecting a pet nearly as good as she turned out. There was absolutely no reason for this friend to tell me that MY pet was a failure.

Unfortunately, I’m expecting to hear this a lot once I finish Suri’s “perfect pet”. Her perfect pet would ideally be ice, preferably the one-headed hybrid ice hound. I want the pet to have Spell-Proof, Spell-Defying, Fairy Friend, two “selfish” talents that enhance to resist stats, along with a third selfish as a jewel. If it all works out correctly, Suri will have a pet with 21% universal resist and may cast fairy.

Before you judge me for wanting selfish talents on my “perfect pet”, you need to understand Suri’s role in her team and how I play my ice character.

I quest Jenna (Fire) and Suri (Ice) together along with two of Cameron’s characters, Cameron Hawk (Storm) and Daniel Hawk (Balance).

Cam Hawk and Jenna are primarily hitters. Sometimes they’ll play support for each other. Sometimes the attack the same target(s) one after the other. Sometimes they take out different targets the same round. It depends entirely on the type of battle and who draws what cards when.

Dan Hawk primarily plays support. He keeps Jenna and Cam in blades so they can hit fast and hard. He sometimes will play healer with Availing and Helping Hands and sometimes with Treant Polymorph.

Suri is the tank. She’s always first in the battle circle (except for the rare occasion when someone gets dragged in on accident). For boss battles, she wears a hodgepodge of gear that gives her the highest possible resist. She has an average of 65% resist to any one school at a time, with the highest at 86%. My goal is to get her to 100% resist to any one school by level 80. I’m hoping to have her at 100%+ resist to ALL schools by level 100. It’ll take work: a lot of farming and a fair amount of crowns to succeed, but it’s possible. But in order to succeed, I NEED a pet with 21% resist.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, THINK BEFORE YOU JUDGE A PET WITHOUT BEING INVITED TO DO SO. It’s hurtful, thoughtless, and mean. You never know if the pet that you perceive to be a failure was intended to be the way it is, or if the pet belongs to a child who hasn’t grasped pet training, or if it belongs to someone who doesn’t want to invest countless hour and snacks trying to “prefect” a pet.

If someone asks for your opinion, give it (preferably in the nicest way possible), otherwise, please leave any critical thoughts to yourself. Remember, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.

On a different, but related note, I’m currently actively working on three “perfect” pets: one each for Suri, Jen, and Kayla. I’m also passively working on improved pets for Emma, my Life, Alyssa, and my Death, Fallon. (Which basically means if I stumble upon a pet with useful talents for them while working on Suri, Jen, and Kayla’s pets, they can have it.)

Anyway, I’m working on getting the above mentioned Ice pet with Proof, Defy, Fairy, and three improving selfish talents for Suri. So far I have a pet with proof and two if the selfish talents. (9% resist at ancient!) on Suri’s account. I also have a pet with Defy on Emma. That pet has a chance at developing Fairy Friend. If it does, Suri’s hatching process will become simpler….

Ultimately, I want Kayla to have a Spark Beast with a combination couple storm damage talents, universal damage talents, a may cast heal, Galvanic Field may cast, and universal resist. I realize that’s far more talents than talent slots. Ideally, I would want Pain-Bringer, Pain-Giver, Storm-Dealer, Storm-Giver, and may cast Galvanic Field, with Storm-Boon as the socketed jewel. Although right now, she’d probably benefit more from Pain-Giver, Storm-Dealer, Spell-Proof, Fairy Friend, and Galvanic Field

Jenna’s, like Suri’s, is more exact. I want her to have a Blaze Beast or Fennec Fox (both give extra Fire Blade card) with Fire-Dealer, Fire-Giver, Pain-Bringer, Pain-Dealer, and either may cast Furnace or Fairy Friend, with Fire-Boon in the jewel socket. Since she’s a hitter, the more damage she has, the better off she is. I’m hoping to have well over 100% fire damage by the time she reaches 100. From what I’ve seen, that shouldn’t be too difficult.


I’m Back!

I’ve had a busy last two weeks wrapping up fall quarter for school. Now that the quarter is over, I have time again to blog and play! So excited!

Anyway, today is day 12 of the annual 12 Days of the Spiral celebration. I had had plans to write about each day, but it fell through due to school. Oh well. I guess I’ll write a recap and review. 🙂

In other news, now that I’m done with school for Christmas break, I’ll have a bit more time to focus on my blog so I plan on getting some of my projects started. So what do I have planned for Spiral: A to Z?

Reagent Maps: As I mentioned last month at the launch of my blog, I plan on creating Reagent Maps. So far, I’ve only done a Parchment map for Caer Lyon. I plan on making more maps and slowly getting them posted over my break.

Who Drops It?: This is a fairly new idea inspired by how much trouble it’s been for me to find information on drops from areas that weren’t top level upon their launch. (For example, House of Scales and Master and Archmage One-Shot Gauntlets.) I plan listing what is dropped where in a similar manner as the Wizard101 Wiki, except instead of JUST having the name of the item, I’ll also list the stat information. I’m finding the Wiki to be more of a pain then it’s worth lately. Of course, I don’t want to try to REPLACE the Wiki, just supplement it. 🙂

Housing Items: I have two ideas relating to housing items. My first idea is to do something similar to what Friendly Necromancer did a few years ago–Housing Item of the Day. I won’t copy his idea exactly, but I had fun reading those posts. Basically, I’ll pick one or two housing items, give some information about it (what is it, what type of housing item is it, how much does it cost, where do you get it, etc), and then use it in a few decorating examples. My second idea is to put together a housing item list/guide. It’d be similar to the Wiki, except there will be more than one item per page. I hate sifting through hundreds of pages on the Wiki looking for all the different tables. So mine will be divided into categories like Tables, Chairs, Wallpaper, etc, and I’ll  list the name of the items, a picture of what each looks like, and where you can get them.

Contests: I would like to start hosting small contests, but I can’t do that until I know I have at least a small group of readers. Leave a comment if you’d like to see some small contests. Once I have readers, I’ll start running them. 🙂