About: Dorm Rooms with Emma

In the early months of 2015, a good online friend, Miguel SandCaster, was looking around my houses. “You should start a YouTube channel showing how you did these,” he told me. I laughed and told him I’d think about it, even as I thought that I’d never have a chance at creating a channel worth watching. I’ve seen some pretty spectacular houses and dorms in the Spiral. Mine are plain and mediocre compared to those.

But the idea stayed in the back of my mind. I thought about what he said as I worked on finishing the design of my Midday Estate. I thought about it while glitching floating gardens around my floating castle at my Meadows at Dusk. I thought about it while I redecorated the inside of my Royal Estate rage Marleybone). I thought about what he said as I worked on my 100 Acre Woods Dorm Room for Paige MoonShade’s annul dorm room contest. I especially thought about it after I won an honorable mention in that contest. But I never acted on it.

Finally, in November of 2015, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, I decided to take Miguel’s suggestion. Over the course of a couple of days, I struggled with finding the right way to pull it off. I’ve never posted to YouTube before. I’ve never recorded my screen before. Finally, on Saturday, November 14, as I stood in my dorm room, still decorated as the 100 Acre Woods from the contest in August, I decided I’d start decorating dorm rooms on a regular basis…and I’d record myself and my process. “Dorm Rooms with Emma” was born.

The first dorm room I decorated for my series was a painfully simple Wizard City Dorm. It took me nearly two hours to record five minutes, as I struggled with figuring out how to only capture my game screen. It took me another hour or two to figure out the editing features and add text. Even after a friend pointed out that the dorm was so simple it was almost insulting, I was still glad I did something so simple for my first attempt since the editing process wasn’t nearly as simple.

The second dorm was created and posted the day before Thanksgiving. This time, I decided to tie my channel and blog together and post the information about the Thanksgiving Feast dorm here, instead of trying to put it in the video like the first time. It was another simple one since I was still trying to figure out how to put together decent videos and since I was trying something new by linking it to my blog.

After talking to friends about what they liked and didn’t like about my first two attempts and about linking the series and my blog, I have decided to begin more complicated dorms that involve glitching and keeping the link between “Dorm Rooms with Emma” and “Spiral: A to-Z”, by posting information about the items I used to create the dorm here on the blog, write a little bit about the process, and give written explanations to go along with the visual explanations behind the glitches.


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