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Dorm Rooms with Emma

A little over a week ago, I started a Wizard101 YouTube channel called “Dorm Rooms with Emma”. I love everything to do with housing in the Spiral. I love decorating my houses, I love learning and preforming housing glitches, I love trolling the Bazaar for hours to get the housing item(s) I’m looking for. I love it all.

Back in August, I discovered that I love decorating dorm rooms even more than houses when I participated in Paige MoonShade’s dorm room contest. The space is small and it’s easy to tie together a theme. And as an added bonus, I can actually finish a dorm room. 🙂

Dorm Room Contest 2015 C

100 Acre Wood Dorm Room I created for Paige MoonShade’s dorm contest in August, 2015

So, last week I decided I would share my love for decorating dorm rooms, and share tips, tricks, and glitches I’ve learned over the years, with others. So far, I’ve only posted one video of a very simple Wizard City inspired dorm.

I’ve been meaning to make my second video all week, but I’ve been busy with school and the desire to start this blog so I can express my opinion on the new critical system. Now that I have a better feel for the recording program I used, a better idea of what I want to do with this channel, and I’m on Thanksgiving break, I’m ready to do my second video.

I’m planning on tying “Dorm Rooms with Emma” here, mostly by giving the details about the housing times I used and announcing when I post new videos. I’m hoping I’ll start generating views on both my channel and blog soon. 🙂